Broken Creek Primary School is a small rural school located 20km west of Benalla. Our current enrolment is 11 students. Most students are driven to school from Benalla and some come from the local areas.

Our school’s purpose is to ensure that Broken Creek Primary School is a place where we all belong, where students care for one another and themselves, and where everyone shows pride in all aspects of Learning for Life.

Our school values are Belong, Care, Pride.

The school is staffed with one Teaching Principal, one full time graduate teacher, one 0.4 Business Manager, as well as visiting MACC and MARC teachers.

Students experience a comprehensive curriculum, enriched by range of extracurricular activities. Our school is well resourced with every student having an iPad.

We have cooperative, supportive and positive parent involvement and continue to have a positive relationship with other schools in the local cluster.

Our key learning focus continues to be improving student learning in Literacy and Numeracy.